Progress video of the creation of the Minoan.

"The Minoans dominated the Mediterranean for over a thousand years.  Until an island seventy miles north of Crete blew itself apart.  The island as Thera.  Known today as Santorini."
(Atlantis & Minoa)  Atlantis, BBC 2011   
The Minoan civilization is fascinating to me. An advanced place whose name we do not know. The word Minoan came from the various images of bulls called minos in Greek that dotted the city. According to some their culture may have inspired the myth of Atlantis.

From the start I wanted to have a striking red and blue in my color scheme. When researching the clothing of the time I came upon an article about the “ladies in blue.” The article depicted three high-born women adorn with jewels and fine clothing. 

The medium I used was thin layers of acrylic ink. First starting with a gray-scale underpainting and eventually building up the tones. I opted to have red weave in and out of the painting and to have the blue of her tunic cool the warmth of the piece. 

I loved working on this project so much that was sad when I had completed it. I’ve gotten attached to the princess of a nameless kingdom. 
Sketch is complete
Background is finished.
starting on the face.
Fixing the tones in the face.
A progress shot.