Progress video of the Goblin Bride

"A girl as small as a violet, a girl who moves like a flower petal – is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass."
— Kim In Yook 

To be honest, this painting was by accident or fate, depending on your belief I guess. I was working on a commission and at that moment every artists dreads. Seeing the piece completed but feeling it’s not.

 I sat back in my favorite chair to mull it over when I spilled a box of earrings I planned to donate. It sounds crazy but watching as the links of brokenchain overlapped I saw her. The mists and shadows I saw on my childhood walks. 

 She was the fae. Sad and unaware of my presence. The look upon her dewy face was familiar. She surprised me to see this upon someone so rare—so beautiful. The sadness made a small sound in my throat that startled her—and she was gone. “Wow”, I thought. 

Weighing to share my experience or keep it to myself, I opted to sketch what I witnessed. I spent the night sketching and re-sketching. Going over myths and folklore searching for what I knew was true—searching for her. I longed to catch that small bit of magic again seeping from tangled roots. I longed to find her. To ask her — “Why are you sad? Do you not realize how lovely you are? How special—how unique?”  

And sometimes my conscience rears and says, “It’s hard to fight the irony, isn’t it?”
Goblin Bride
Sketch is completed.
Adding burnt sienna to the hair.
First layer of hair color is complete.

Working on the underpainting.