Visual Artist.
One of the first things people will learn about me is my love (obsessive love) of trees. As far as I can remember I have had a deep connection with them—specifically the roots. They hardly stay in one direction, fleeing out in fact every way, but amid that chaos they stay firm to the soil that bore them. I relate to this as a former Air Force brat to two parents in the military. Constantly being pulled left and right and back again, but never forgetting where I came from. 

The first creative memory I had was around 5 and dad teaching me how to draw a teddy bear. I wasn’t great at first, but who is. All I remember was the desire to create what I saw as magic. To move my hand about a page and create something that lay hidden within the pulp of an old tree.

At night my mom would read me Tolkien and I became convinced sprites and dryads lived in the forests outside my home. As I grew up, I honed my skills as a visual artists and created the land of fae (fairy) I’ve loved all my life. My focus was specifically on women and her role within the story. I wrote little stories and eventually a book about this world. A place that was as real as the one we live in but magic festers within the roots of this realm.
My work is for the creative, mythical girl. 

Roots means everything to her. She’s the daughter that wears the brooch passed through the generations, that covets the tea set her mother gave her. That wears the ring of her great-greats. 

My customer is the girl that lives in the moment but dreams of the past.